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Many of you are returning to school over the next two weeks.  Some will be arriving for four days next week and others will return a week later, also for four days.  The teachers and the governors are delighted that we are able to welcome the year two children back into school for the final two weeks so that the children can complete their learning journey at Hadfield Infant School.  As a school we thought that it was important for the children to talk about the transition from infant school to the juniors. They will talk about the changes that will occur and they will have the opportunity to ask questions about their new school.  We plan to conduct a virtual school tour and hopefully the children will get to meet their new teachers online. As well as preparing your children for the next steps in their educational experience we are also looking forward to celebrating their successes at Hadfield Infant School.  The children will have chance to reunite with their friends, safely and talk about their memories of the infants over the last three years.  Although the ending is very different , all of the staff will ensure that their lasting memories are fond ones. The next weeks will be a time for reflection and anticipation for the future. As a school, we can't wait.  Please remind your child of social distancing expectations and talk to them about their thoughts and feelings for the future.  The year two team would like to thank all of the children, parents and extended family for their consistent support, especially during this difficult time.  We thank you for your amazing children, they are gift and we would like to wish them ever success as they embark on their next journey. Take care.

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