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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead/looked after children designated lead

Miss Alison Barnes 

School Business Officer

Mrs Melanie Wilkinson

Admin Assistant

Mrs Denise McLoughlin


Foundation Stage Leader (SLT Member)&  Reception Teacher

Mrs Kath Faragher

Reception Teacher

Miss Rebecca Sutton

Reception Teacher

Mrs Ibbotson 

Year 1 Teacher & SENCo

Mrs Joanne Lowe

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Helen O'Hara

Year 1 Teacher  (SLT Member)

Mrs Helen Wild

Year 1 Teacher & KS1 PE Specialist

Mrs Alex Morris

Year 2 Teacher (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs de Vega Oldham

KS1 Leader & Year 2 Teacher (SLT Member)

Mrs Beverley Kidd

Higher Level Teaching Assistant/TA Team Leader

Miss Aileen Wilson

Specialist Teaching & Learning Assistant

Mrs Amanda Robinson

Specialist Teaching & Learning Assistant

Mrs Sarah McLaren

General Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tyler Clarke

General Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dorothy Ryan

General Teaching Assistant

Mrs Salma Burton

General Teaching Assistant

Mrs Yvonne Goodwin

General Teaching Assistant

Miss Jessica Rothwwell


Mid-day Supervisor

Ms Karen Pascoe

Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Karen Banham

Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Rebecca Parkinson

Mid-day Supervisor

Miss Nicky Mitchell

Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Hilary Sykes

Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Jenna Lyne

Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Melissa Dodson


Wraparound Care - Play Leader

Ms Bernadette de Cent



Mr Barry Robinson



Mrs Lynn Parker

Mrs Vicky Wilkinson



Mrs Julie Bates


Kitchen Assistants

Mrs Carla Copeland