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Dear Parents and Carers


I am really proud to welcome you to Hadfield Infant School.  I hope that this website will provide you with all the information you need about our school, but more importantly it will show you how our aims and beliefs underpin everything we do.

At Hadfield Infant School we do our very best to make sure children are happy and have a great start to their school life.  We offer an excellent standard of education for all ages and prepare children with skills to access the next Key stage.  However education is about so much more than academic achievement and we support and enthuse children in many other ways too, from the moment they join Reception, to when they leave as well-rounded individuals in Year 2.

We have great teachers and all our staff are caring and sensitive to the needs of our children.  We look for the talent in every child and ensure that everyone is included, which promotes their self-esteem and increases their confidence.

It is a delight to be part of this school and come in each day to the happy, smiling faces of the children (and staff!).  Each week holds new adventures.  If you scroll through the news pages of the website, you can view an archive of a wide range of varied activities and exciting experiences.

Please feel free to contact me and meet me in person, I love showing people around the school, as we have such a lot to celebrate.  So, if you don’t already know the school, take a look through the pages and then come and visit us.

With best wishes,

Alison Barnes