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Week 1: 06/04/20



smiley Find out about the Easter story and what Christians believe. 

Watch this video to start your learning: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/religious-studies-ks1-the-christian-story-of-easter/zhgv47h

smiley Write an Easter card for a loved one. Remember to use capital letters for names.

smiley Write an exciting story about the Easter bunny getting into mischief. 

smiley Write an acrostic poem about Easter e.g. 

E - is for excitement

A - is for the chocolates I adore

S - is for sticky fingers

T - is for terrific smiles

E - is for the Easter story

R - is for racing around the garden



smiley In Maths, we have been learning about fractions this half term. We follow White Rose and the children are very familiar with this way of working. Lessons are as practical as possible and involve lots of discussion. White Rose have kindly created a home learning section on their website which has daily lessons and activities you can work on at home. Follow the link and work on a lesson a day.


smiley  Fraction hunt - can you spot fractions in your house or whilst you're out on a walk?

smiley Fraction and food - chocolate, cakes, biscuits, pizza, sandwiches? Can you make sure they are split into equal parts before you eat them?

smiley Cut out shapes - square, circle, rectangle, pentagon, semi-circle, hexagon, triangle. Can you fold the paper to split the shapes into equal parts?



smiley Design your own Easter card - look on google images for inspiration!

smiley Draw an egg shape or ask an adult to do it for you. Then, decorate.

smiley Do some Easter baking!

smiley Hide some pretend eggs in the garden and go on an Easter Egg hunt.

smiley Have an egg and spoon race in the garden. 

smiley Hold your own 'Eggtastic Competition.' For this you'll need some hard boiled eggs and some crafty things e.g. felt tips, paints, junk modelling. It is lots of fun, have a go and have some family competitions to see who is the winner.