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Week 7: 18/05/2020

     Welcome to week 7! As usual there will be daily literacy,

     numeracy and a creative section.

     You can do just a few of these activities or all of them -

     it's up to you.

     Also included is Miss Bonthrone's weekly challenge and

     a mystery object.

     You can email your class teachers to share any of your

    work that you complete at home. We look forward to you

     contacting us 




​​​​​​​     mrslowesclass@outlook.com 

Miss Bonthrone's Weekly Challenge


        Monday 18th May





    Click on summer term week 4 ( wc 11th May )

    Add by Making 10


    What does making 10 mean?

    Do you know your number bonds to 10? 20? We

    practised these a couple of weeks ago.

    Ask someone to say a number 0 to 10. Can you

    answer with the number that makes 10?

    Ask someone to say a number 0 to 20.

    Can you answer with the number that makes 20?




    Find a picture of anything you like: in a book, on a 

    wall at home, in a magazine or comic.

    Can you write four to six sentences about it?

    Remember sentences start with a capital, end with a

    full-stop and have finger spaces between words.

    Use phonics knowledge to have a go at spelling new





    Mini Music Makers Episode 3 on You Tube



    How do you feel today? Happy or sad? 

    Paint a picture to show how you feel.

    Think about the colours you would choose.

    What will you paint?

    Share your painting with someone and tell them how

    you feel.


    How many kick-ups with a football can you do?

    Challenge your family. Remember to stretch first.

    Set up some 'cones' and practise dribbling around



    Tuesday 19th May




    Can you make a number line to 20 starting from 0?

    Use a rule. You can print one from Twinkl.co.uk

    Practise counting forward and backward from different

    places on the number line. Point to each number as you



    Use the number line to help you complete the following:

    7 - 5 =                 7 + 5 =

    8 - 3 =                 8 + 3 =

    9 - 7 =                9 + 7 =

    13 - 5 =               13 + 5 =

    20 - 8 =                 8 + 9 =

    17 - 6 =                 3 + 17 =

    Remember to count on from the highest number to 

    complete the additions.


    Can you fill in the missing

    numbers below?


    __ + 3 = 5                    6 + __ = 10

      9 - __ = 2                  11 + __ = 14

      16 + __ = 18                __ - 3 = 7




    Who lives in your house (including your pets)?

    Can you write two sentences about each of them?

    Who are they?  What are they wearing?

    What are their likes and dislikes?

    Draw and label a picture of everyone.




    At night turn off the lights and look through your

    window. Can you see the stars? Can you see Venus?

    (it looks like a very bright star).

    Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen in the early


    Look at the moon. What do you think the Moon might

    be saying to planet Earth right now?


    Write a letter and draw a picture for your     

    grandparents or great grandparents.

    Post it to them. 


    have you learnt a new song recently?


    Wednesday 20th May




    Balance the Numbers


    4 + 3 is the same as 6 + 1.

    4 + 3 = 6 + 1

    Both sums have a total of 7.

    Try this:

    8 + 4 = __ + __

    5 + 5 = __ + __

   12 + 3 = __ + __

        Can you make some addition balance sums of your own?

    Can you do some subtraction balance sentences?

    Eg: 7 - 5 = 2 - 0.   Both total 2.




    Write three 'I can' sentences. Can you extend the 

    sentences using the word 'and'?

    Can you use the word 'but' to extend the sentences?

    Eg: I can run fast but I can't play hockey.

    What new things are you looking forward to learning

    about in the future?




    Spend a day dressed up as a favourite character.

    What might that character be doing during lockdown?


    Bird Watching


    Be very still in your back garden, out on a walk, or

    looking through the window. Choose one bird and find

    out all about it. Draw it carefully.


    Make a crown or a hat. Use a headband and attach

    anything you find. Make an indoors or an outdoors

    one! Send a photo of you wearing it to your class



     Thursday 21st May






     Can you get 3 items from a kitchen cupboard in

     packets or tins? How much do they weigh? How do

     you know? (look at the label).

     Can you draw them and label them with their weight

     from the lightest to the heaviest?

     What does g stand for?  What does kg stand for?

     Find 3 more items and put in order of heaviest to





      Practise your phonics levels 3 to 5 and 

      high-frequency words, reading and spelling.

      Use 'phonicsplay.co.uk'




      Play Hide and Seek with your family.


      Write down the days of the week and make a

      Kindness Calendar. Record something kind you have

      seen or done every day. 

      How long can you keep your calendar going for?


      BBC Bitesize KS1:  Animals that live in the sea.

      How many different animals can you spot? Can you

      think of any more?

      Draw your favourite. Can you draw and label all 

      of them.



      Friday 22nd May




      Cut out some pictures of anything you like!

      Houses, pets, plants, wild animals...anything!

      Stick them in order onto a piece of paper from left

      to right: heaviest to lightest OR lightest to heaviest.

      There are lots of activities on twinkle.co.uk.

      Just enter: weighing key stage 1 on their website.




      What are you looking forward to when school 

      resumes? What will be the same? What may be


      Talk about it and email a letter to your teacher

      using the class email.

      She is missing you.




      Which materials dissolve in water?

      Fill a bowl with water.

      Can you find some wax, sugar, sand, salt and jelly?

      Make a prediction: Which will dissolve?

      Test each one. Were you right?


     KS1 SummerArt David Hockney: Water powerpoint

      at twinkle.co.uk.

      Can you draw or paint water? When the sun is 

      shining on it?

      What different colours and shades will you need?


      Find out the names of six different birds you might

      see in your garden or out walking. Look carefully at

      their colours. Start to keep a list of all the

      different birds you have spotted.