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Week 7: 18/05/2020

This week we are focusing on rivers and the stories of Mr Gumpy by John Burningham.




  • This week we are focusing on double letters (digraphs) - two letters, one sound.  Focus on ss, ll and ff.  These come at the end of words.  Can you make a list of words for each of the digraphs e.g. mess, fuss, bell, shell, fluff, stuff?
  • Listen to the story of Mr Gumpy's Outing on BBC radio.



  • Draw a picture of Mr Gumpy and all of the people and animals that got on to his boat.  Can you write a list of who got on?
  • Can you write a card/letter from the children and animals to Mr Gumpy saying sorry for making the boat tip over?  Think about how Mr Gumpy might have been feeling when the boat tipped over.
  • Can you watch/listen to another Mr Gumpy story?  How about Mr Gumpy's Motor Car?




This week's focus is Addition (adding more).

  • Play I count, you count game with someone.  Practise counting from different starting points.  Begin by pointing to yourself and start counting then point to the other person and they have to continue to count.  Keep swapping between people and start at different numbers.
  • Play 'show me' game with someone.  Hold up a certain number of fingers and ask the other person to show you, for example, two more.  How many now?  How did you find the answer?
  • Gather a group of small objects e.g. stones, shells, dried pasta.  Start with 1 and then roll a dice to determine how many more to add.  How many do you have now?  How did you find the answer?
  • Use first, then now to tell simple maths stories to practise adding more in 'real life' contexts.  For example; There were two people on the bus and then two more people got on.  How many people are now on the bus?  Use counters/objects to help.
  • Can you complete these Mr Gumpy addition problems?



  • Use some junk modelling materials (plastic fruit trays, straws etc) to build Mr Gumpy's boat.  Can you make it float on water? Can you add some toy animals to your boat?  Is it still floating or did it tip over like Mr Gumpy's boat?
  • Can you explore floating and sinking?  Gather some objects and predict which will float and which will sink, then test whether you were right or wrong.
  • Sing '5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day' or '5 Speckled Frogs'. 
  • Make a Duck Card like the one on the CBeebies website


  • Plan a healthy tea for the people and the animals at the end of their boat ride on Mr Gumpy's boat.  What do you think they would like to eat and drink after their adventure on the river?