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Week 7: 18/05/20



smiley Go out on an adventure - walk somewhere you haven't walked before or take a detour from your normal route. Explore your senses; what can you see, hear, smell and touch? Write about your walk when you get home. 


smiley Explore the photographs on this website, particularly the one at the bottom. Ask questions and encourage answers The Literacy Shed - Landscapes




Where does it lead to? Who is at the other end? Who are the two people?
Who made it? When was it made?

smiley Write an adventure story. It starts off like this...


"Once upon a time, I went out for a walk with my family. We walked our usual way but something just felt a little different. As we entered the woods, the ground became bumpy and uneven. We struggled to walk and as we looked down we saw that we were surrounded by bright, white pebbles. As the sun shone down on them they appeared even brighter than before. In the distance I spotted a pebble that seemed to be glistening brighter than all the others. We walked closer, as I reached down to pick it up it changed into a bright ruby red shade. Suddenly, I started to feel the most strangest feeling."


smiley Read your adventure story out to family and friends or email and ask for ways they think you could make it better. With their support try to improve your story to make it even more exciting. 


smiley Read lots of adventure stories! Which is your favourite and why? Can you write a book review for your favourite? 



smiley White Rose Maths - multiplication, arrays and timestables

Activity sheet - multiplication

smiley BBC bitesize daily lessons - multiplication and arrays

smiley Interactive games - multiplication

smiley Practical multiplication e.g. build 5 towers of 5 cubes, how many cubes have you got altogether? Line up 6 pairs of shoes, how many shoes do you have altogether? Record practical multiplication as a times table 5 x 5 = 25, 6 x 2 = 12. 

smiley Practical ways to learn about multiplicaiton - see this website



smiley Wild art - Can you create you own artwork using natural materials?

smiley Do you remember our visit to Yorkshire Sculpture park? Can you create your own sculptures and leave them for others to admire? You might like to find out about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Watch this video. 

smiley Cairns are man-made towers of natural stones, usually built as a landmark or a memorial, have a go at making them with your family. All you need to do is gather a range of flat rocks and pebbles in different sizes, and then stack them in order, with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top.

smiley Hadfield Infants Rock - Paint a rock and hide it around your local area for someone else to find. Paint a picture on one side and write 'Hadfield Infants Rock' on the other. If you find someone else's rock please photograph and email to us. 

smiley Create your own bug house - you might need to research how to do it.

See this website - build a bug hotel

Here are Mr and Mrs Vella's bug houses:


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