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Week 7: 13/07/2020

Here Comes Summer! This week we are thinking about Summer and moving on.



  • Can you think about what you have enjoyed at school this year?  Also what are you looking forward to next year?  Talk to someone and share you thoughts.
  • Read the 'Spread your wings and fly' story.
  • Can you make a transition butterfly and fill in the wings  Here is an example you might like to copy.

  • Can you keep a diary of anything exciting you do over the holidays?​​​​​​​





  • Can you do some baking?  Help an adult to weigh out the ingredients using scales?
  • Can you find some objects around the house.  Compare them and say which is heavier, which is lighter?
  • Can you play this lighter/heavier game?
  • Can you compare these objects and tick which is heavier?



  • Can you paint a picture of your best friend?  Think about their hair colour, eye colour etc.
  • Make a sunshine and use dried pasta shapes for the suns rays.
  • Can you listen to a summery song?  How about 'Mr. Blue Sky' by ELO or 'Here comes the Sun' by the Beatles.
  • Can you make a musical instrument to play along with these Summer songs?