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Week 6: 6/07/20


This week's learning continues to focus on units of measurement.  You will explore capacity and volume using litres and millilitres. Later in the week we will look at temperature using centigrade. Watch the local weather forecast and record the temperature over the week. 

How many more / or less is each days forecast?

What is the average temperature for England in the Summer?

Explore all of the other countries of the UK and their capitals.  Which has the hottest temperature? Which has the coolest? What is the difference in centigrade from the hottest to the coldest? Can you order the capitals in order form the coolest to the hottest.

You will also look into the measurement of time in hours and minutes. Learning to read quarter to and quarter past.  Working on reading the time 'to' the hour can be tricky. Wear a watch and ask your grown up to read the watch face frequently.  Don't worry if you find it difficult at first, keep practising.

Whiterose home learning year 2 




This week we will be thinking about what it will be like in year 3. I'm sure you have lots of questions! Hopefully, when you are in school your teachers will be able to answer them.  Until then.....

Write a list of questions that you would like to ask about your junior school teacher.

Write a letter to your new teacher telling them all about yourself.  Try to use a variety of different sentence types, i.e statement (which give information), exclamation ( which start with 'how' or 'what', include a verb and end with an exclamation mark) and command sentences ( which give an instruction).  Use your best handwriting, focusing on size, shape and orientation.  Join if you can.

Read the school website for information and look through the school prospectus which should be delivered this week.




Most of you will know exactly where your new school is located but could you record the directions from your home to school on a map? Include road names and landmarks.



Research time! Speak to friends and family and neighbours who are familiar to the area.  Find out as much as you can about the area around your new school.

When was your new school built?

Why is it's name significant? 

What was life like when the school was built? 

What was and wasn't there at that time?