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Week 6: 11/05/2020

Miss Bonthrone's Science Challenge Week 1

        Hello! There is now an e-mail address for each teacher

    so you can now e-mail photographs of any work you are

    especially proud of to these addresses:

    year 1 is: mrsoharasclass@outlook.com

    and:        mrslowesclass@outlook.com


    Along with Miss Bonthrone's challenge we also have a

    challenge set by Mr O'Hara. We will post a photograph

    of a 'mystery object' each week for you to guess.

    Email the answer if you can work out what it is. You

    can ask your family for help.


    This week's mystery object:




     Monday 11th May




        You will need a 100 square. Print one from 

     twinkle.co.uk or tes.com. or. you can view one on 

     primary games.co.uk/pg2/splat/splatsq100.html


     Practise counting to 100 and back in ones.

     Choose a number from each row on your 100 square.      


     Can you write them down and say the number that is  

     one more?

     Can you say the number that is one less?

     Can you find the number that is ten more?   

     Where is it on the 100 square (one below)?

     Why is that?






     Write today's date in full.

     What have you been doing?

     Have you been helping at home?

     Have you been out for a walk? Where did you go?

     Have you made anything?

     Have you learned anything new?

     Write all about it remembering your full stops and 

     capital letters.

     Draw a picture.

     You could email it to your teacher.




     Watch mini music makers episode one on YouTube.



     Build a den - indoors or outdoors!

     Which storybook would you read in your den? Which

     toy or teddy could you play with in your den?


     Make some play dough.

     2 cups of plain flour

     1  cup of salt

     1 tablespoon of oil

     half to one cup of cold water (add food colouring to

     this if you want)

     Mix the flour and salt, add the water, oil and food 

     colouring. Knead it well, adding more flour if the

     consistency is too wet.


     Tuesday 12th May




     You will need a 100 square (see yesterday). If you

     can use the 'splat' square. If not you will need a 

     printed copy of the 100 square.

     Choose one colour and splat/colour 5, 17, 22, 38, 41,

     59, 63, 75, 84, 97.

     Splat/colour ten more than those numbers in a 

     different colour.

     In a third colour splat/colour ten less.

     Count in tens forwards to 100 and back beginning 

     from zero.

     Can you count in tens starting from 3? 8? 9?

     What stays the same? (units)

     What changes? (tens digit) 

     Why is this?




     Handwriting Practice


     Practise all of your lower case letters and capitals.




     Have you got an unwanted roll of wallpaper?

     Unroll and lie down on it and get someone to draw

     around you; you could do it outside using chalks. Can

     you label it with all the different parts of the body?


     potato printing


     You need an unwanted potato - the bigger the better

     - and paint.

     Ask an adult to carve a shape into the potato...dip it   

     into the paint...off you go! Remember you are

     printing by pressing onto the paper and lifting off,

     NOT using it like a brush.


     Make a pasta necklace or bracelet: you could paint 

     the pasta first. Send a photo on the class emails.


     Wednesday 13th May




     Place Values


     Can you remember learning about two digit numbers?

     The first digit tells us how many tens and the

     second digit tells us how many ones. 

     Eg: 14 = one ten and four ones

     Complete these sentences:

     17 = ___ten and ___ ones

     13 = ___ten and ___ ones

     19 = ___ten and ___ ones

     __ = one ten and six ones

     __ = one ten and two ones

     __ = one ten and zero ones

     Can you make teen numbers using bricks?

     Make ten sticks using ten bricks in one colour.

     Choose different colour bricks for your ones.

     Eg: tens sticks in yellow bricks and ones in blue.

     Make 12, 14, 17, 19 in bricks.

     Label your numbers - make sure your digits are the

     right way around! 14 NOT 41!




     Choose to write a book review or a film review.

     What was its title?

     Who were the important characters?

     What sort of book/film was it?

    Did you enjoy it? Explain why/why not using the word

     because in the answer. 

     Draw a picture to go with your writing.

     Practise spelling the word because.

     Remember Big Elephants Always Understand Small

     Elephants Will Help You!




     Make a bird feeder using a large plastic bottle. There

     are lots of ideas on Youtube or

 bbc.co.uk/northernireland/radiofoyle/breatingplaces/bird-feederpdf for written instructions.


     Make an animal corner bookmark.


     You will need a square of plain paper - any colour!



     Can you create a tea party and invite your toys?

     You could write invitations or menus.


     Thursday 14th May




     Can you write all the number words to ten yet?

     Can you write all the numbers from ten to twenty

     as words?

     Practise spelling and writing them. 

     Can you match objects to the numbers, counting


     You might use shells, buttons, counters, pennies,

     pasta or bricks.

     Can you use your brick ten sticks and ones you made

     yesterday to make higher numbers?

     Can you write those numbers as words?






     BBC Bitesize. KS1  How to Write a Poem


     What three things does a poem need?

     Find a short poem you like.

     Practise reading it aloud.

     What is it about?

     Who is it by?

     Why do you like it?

     Draw a picture to illustrate it.

     Copy it out in your best handwriting.

     You could email it to your teacher or film yourself

     reading it and send it to your teacher.




     Cress Heads


     You will need an empty eggshell. Fill it with a wet

     cottonwool ball and sprinkle on cress seeds.

    Can you draw a face using felt tip on your eggshell?



    Are you having any deliveries? Save the boxes. Can 

     you make a robot...or a garage for your car... or a

     house for your dolls?


     Listen to and watch mini music makers episode 2 on

     You Tube. 



     Friday 15th May




     Play snakes and ladders.

     Maths challenge!


     Six Beads




     Poems are full of words.

     If you had £1 (that's a hundred pennies) and words

     cost 10p which words would you buy?

     Write a list of these words. Why do you like them?




     Watch Oliver Jeffers read his amazing stories on

     Instagram Live. 


     Find out how to earn a Blue Peter Badge. There are

     eight different ones to choose from.


     (or search the CBeebies site).


     Find out how to make yourself a cardboard

     construction set.