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Week 6: 11/05/2020

This week we are continuing to think about ponds, streams and rivers.



  • This week we are focusing on the letters; h, b, f and l.  Can you form the letters correctly, make sure they are positioned on the lines and facing the right way.  Maybe you could write the letters in flour, sand or shaving foam.
  • Watch the story of 'Pond Dipping'on YouTube.  Biff, Chip and Kipper's friends Wilf and Wilma try out some pond dipping - see what happens when their net gets stuck!
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTP1dUsnfJo
  • Have a go at pond/stream dipping yourself.  We are very lucky to have lots of access in the local area to rivers, streams and ponds.

Use this guide to help you identify what you catch.

  • Draw a picture and write a sentence about what you find
  • Read this poem about a pond and identify all of the tricky words.



We are continuing to think about patterns this week.

  • Try some of these Maths challenges.


  • Use strips of paper to make paper chains.  Can you make a repeating pattern using 2, 3 or even 4 colours?
  • Can you make a dragonfly?  Go to the website for instructions.
  • https://www.allkidsnetwork.com/crafts/pond/dragonfly-craft.asp
  • Could you make an edible pond?  If you don't have all the ingredients try just using jelly and maybe some sweet frogs? (Haribo do jelly frog sweets!)