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Week 6: 11/05/20

Pond Life Animals



smiley Choose a pond creature to find out about. Research; appearance, habitat, diet, life cycle and food chain. Present your work in your chosen way.

Here's a useful website with lots of facts -https://www.enchantedlearning.com/biomes/pond/pondlife.shtml


smiley Visit a local pond/river/stream - take photographs of all the different animals you see. You may even like to do some pond dipping, you'd need an adult to help you and a light coloured plastic bowl. Take a look at this video - Pond dipping

When you get home, write a recount of your visit. 


smiley Choose one pond creature to write about - you might like to make your own fact book with pictures, interesting facts and diagrams. 

Please photograph and email to us. We'd love to see your work!


smiley Where have all the ponds gone? In the 20th century half of the UK's ponds were lost. What do you think happened to them? Why do we need ponds? What makes them so important?


smiley Make a poster or write a letter asking for a pond in Hadfield. Tell people why they're so important. You would also need to think about where would be a good place to put a pond and how to keep it safe so that no body falls in. 



smiley White rose daily lessons - adding and subtracting 10, adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers and number bonds to 100.

smiley BBC bitesize daily lessons 

smiley Adding and subtracting ten  - Activity sheet

smiley Adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers - Activity sheet

smileySolve missing number problems - Activity sheet

smiley Using number bonds and making links to larger sums - Activity sheet

smiley Addition and subtraction games: Topmarks  ICT Games 

smiley Play lots of board games which involve counting; snakes and ladders, frustration, monopoly. You might even like to make your own board game.



smiley Design your own pond. Watch this video to help with your design - video

What must you have in and around your pond? Think carefully about the plants and different habitats so that lots of different animals want to visit your pond. 

smiley Use photographs of different pond creatures and have a go at sketching some. 

smiley Using a cardboard box make a pond diaroma 

smiley Using paper, paints, sponges and masking tape create a pond scene. See the artist Claude Monet for inspiration.


smiley Cosmic kids - mindfulness - Be the Pond