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Week 6: 06/07/2020

            This week we are thinking about witches.



  • Can you watch a story about a witch?  How about this one - Room on the Broom?


  • Can you write some rhyming words linked to the story e.g. cat, hat, bat etc.
  • Can you write a magic spell?
  • Draw a picture of a witch and label the parts e.g. wand, hat, broom etc.
  • Can you read this witch poem?  Pick out the tricky words and digraphs and trigraphs.




This week we are thinking about capacity and exploring empty, full. half-full etc.

  • Have a look at the BBC Bitesize website for an introduction to capacity and some games.https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zt9k7ty/articles/zp8crdm
  • Can you find three containers and make them full, half full and empty?
  • Find a small container and a large container.  How many of the small containers does it take to fill the big container?  can you record your results?
  • Can you draw three witches potions, one that is full, one that is half full and one that is empty?
  • Can you learn this capacity song?



  • Make an outdoor spell.  Collect some things from your garden and put them in a bottle.
  • Make a witches hat and decorate it.
  • Paint a picture of a black cat.
  • Make a collage witch with dried spaghetti hair.

  • Can you make some witch biscuits using a biscuit and turn an ice cream cone upside down to create a hat.