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Week 6: 06/07/2020


  • Using materials found outdoors , build a nest for a dragon.
  • Using newspapers, cut out shapes to cut and stick a castle, remember the features a castle needs.
  • Design a flag for your castle.
  • Create a map with landscape features showing where you can build a castle. Think about hills, water source, woods etc.


  • This week we will be revising our number bonds to 10 and 20 and building number families. This was covered fully in our home learning pages through lockdown. Please look at the following dates;
  • Wednesday 15th April
  • Tuesday 21st April
  • Wednesday 22nd April
  • Monday 27th April
  • Tuesday 28th April

Literacy Activities

This week in school we will be learning about some famous British Kings and Queens. Have a go at learning alongside us at home.

- Watch the video on BBC Bitesize about Queen Victoria. Can you draw a picture of Queen Victoria and then write some facts that you have learnt about her life?



-Learn about King Henry VIII. There is lots of information on the links below.




-Watch the video on BBC Bitesize about Queen Elizabeth I. Complete the online activities on the website underneath the video about her life.



-Find out about the life of George VI. Can you draw a picture of him and write some facts that you have learnt about his life?




-Find out about Queen Elizabeth II. Can you draw and label a picture of her, her home and her family?