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Week 5: 29/06/2020

           This week we are thinking about Wizards.



  • Can you write the word wizard?  What sounds can you hear, can you match those sounds to the letters?
  • Choose a word from the Wizard’s Spell List (bat, frog, wand, cloak, spell) and see how many rhyming words you can think of to go with it, real words and silly words. 
  • Can you write a list of ingredients for a magic potion?  Write a list of what you would put in your potion.
  • Can you read the following poem and find the digraphs ch, sh, ll, ng and the trigraph igh.

  • Have you got a wizard story at home that you could read?  If not can you make up your own story about a wizard?




  • Use mathematical vocabulary to compare length, height and distance.
  • Look at the members of your family.  Who is the tallest?  Who is the shortest?
  • Can you plant a seed.  Watch as your seed grows.  Can you measure its height using a ruler?
  • Can you make a dough/slime snake?  Can you make a long, short, thick, thin one?
  • Can you try to jump as far as you can?  Put a stone/make a chalk mark on where you land.  Can you jump even further?



  • Can you make a magic potion from things you find in your garden or around the house?
  • Make a wand using a stick or plastic straw.  Can you decorate your wand to make it look magical?
  • Can you make a wizards hat?  Roll paper/card into a cone shape and decorate.
  • Can you make an edible wand?  Use bread sticks, chocolate fingers, marshmallows, sprinkles etc.
  • Can you make a bubble print picture like the bubbles that rise from a cauldron.