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Week 5: 29/06/20

English and history

This week we will be finding out all about the Royal family. Can you find out who our current monarch is? Next, who else is in the Royal family?  Use the internet, books or ask a family member and create the Royal family tree. 

  • What was life like when the Queen was crowned? Interview a family member. What was the same and what was different?
  • Imagine that you have the power to be Queen or King for a day.  What would you do? Write five sentences about your plans.  Try to extend each sentence with the words; and, or, but, so or because.  To make your writing more descriptive remember to use adjectives.
  • Read the fact file on Queen Elizabeth II.  Answer the questions at the bottom.
  • Imagine you could ask the Queen anything, what would you ask? Think of five questions.  Write them down and check that you have included a capital letter and a question mark.
  • Read 'Katie in London' on youtube.


  • Find out about where the Queen lives in London. Use Youtube and books to help you research.
  • Can you find about about any other famous landmarks in the city?
  • Draw your favourite landmark or go on a virtual tour. 
  • Can you build your favourite landmark?  Could you build 'Tower Bridge' or make a model of 'Big Ben'?
  • Look at maps of London. What famous places can you find? Could you challenge a friend to find different places in London? Can you find the places mentioned in the story?
  • Could you draw your own map of London and add the places that Katie visits in the story?
  • Use Google Maps or Google Earth to go on a virtual walk around the streets of London. You could also watch a video about London
  • Find out how people travel to, from and around London. Are there any examples of transport shown in the book?
  • Use the Transport for London site to plan journeys between places in London.
  • Katie, Jack and the lion encounter lots of traffic on their journey. What is the environmental impact of all this traffic? How can people reduce this?
  • The Union Flag appears in the story. Can you find the flags of other countries?



Use the whiterose and BBC Bitesize resources for your weekly maths learning.  This week is all about mass and volume. 

  • Explore volume practically.  Look at bottles or jars and find out what unit of measurement is used. What is the equivalent of 1 litre?
  • Can you bake a traditional British dish? Use scales to measure mass in grams and kilograms.