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Week 5: 04/05/20

Life Cycle of a Frog



smiley Watch this video for a WOW factor... Life-cycle of a frog Encourage children to ask questions and discuss what they would be interested to find out more about. 

smiley Find out about the life cycle of a frog - use the internet, books, pictures and through having conversations with adults and older siblings. 

smiley Draw and write about the life cycle of a frog. Display your work in your chosen way. 

smiley Make up a game that involves jumping around like a frog. Teach others your new game and the rules. You might even like to write them down so people don't forget them.

smiley You can access lots of Frog activities here. Frog Activities




 smiley White Rose Maths - a lesson a day along with activities. 

 smiley BBC Bitesize - daily lessons and tutorials. 

smiley Recall all of our work on part-part-whole.

 Can you learn number facts within 20 and use this method?

E.g. 3 + 15 = 18, 18 - 3 = 15. Once number facts have been learned, ask Mum

or Dad to draw a part-part-whole with one number missing. Can you solve it?

If they master this, you could extend to bigger numbers. 

smiley Fact families activity sheet - Click here

smiley Compare numbers - choose two numbers. Which is the greatest? Which is the smallest? Which numbers are equal? Remember the crocodile likes to eat the biggest number. Watch this video to help explain the crocodile. 

smiley Comparing numbers activity sheet - Click here

smiley Add and subtract 1. Do this as practically as possible with real objects. Encourage your child to count forwards and backwards, whilst exercising or going up and down the stairs, starting from lots of different numbers. See activity sheet




smiley Go on a frog hunt. Can you find any frogs or frogspawn? Photograph and email.

smiley Draw or paint the life cycle of a frog. 

smiley Wild art - make things out of twigs, cones leaves etc. You could even make the life cycle of a frog. Photograph and email to us!

smiley Can you make a frog using different crafts?

smiley Challenge - who can jump the furthest, the highest, the most times, the fastest? How many jumps can you do in 1 minute? Hold family competitions and let us know who wins!


Stay safe, listen to Mum and Dads and make learning fun!

We miss you all tremendously! 

Keep smiling laugh