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Week 4: 27/04/2020

       Monday 27th April




       Number bonds to 20


    Do you remember all the pairs of numbers that equal


    Can you find all the pairs that equal 20?

    20 + 0

    19 + 1.  etc...

    There are 21 together.

    Can you spell all your number words to ten correctly


    If you can, practise your teen numbers up to twenty,

    if not keep practising the ones you need to learn.






    Write the date in full.

    What have you been doing? Who with?

    Favourite things?

    Have you made something or learnt something new?

    Have you been exercising? How? 

    How are you feeling? Why?

    Answer the questions in complete sentences.

    Can you extend some sentences using and or because?

    Don't forget your capital letters, finger spaces and

    full stops.




     Make a rain gauge. https://youtu.be/QOzdcM-YZ2U

     Find out how to play Tiddleywinks.

     Help to do a job at home.

     Listen to 'Vltava' by Smetana. It describes the      

     journey of a river.https://youtu.be/l6kqu2mk-Kw


      Tuesday 28th April




      Number Families


      Use your number bonds from yesterday to create

      number families.

      Remember there are 2 addition and 2 subtraction for

      each number family.

      Eg; 18 + 2 = 20

            2 + 18= 20

           20 -  2= 18

           20 - 18= 2

      How many number families can you create using

      your number bonds to 20?




      Did you share the Billy Goats Gruff story last week?

      How did it begin? How did it end?

      Can you tell someone the story?

      Can you write some sentences to tell the story?

      Say the sentence aloud first to check it makes


      Draw a picture to match one of your sentences.




      Create a time capsule to remember these days.

      Can you add photos? Pictures?

      Write about who you share your home with, your

      pets and of course all about you!

      Put it in a tin or tube, wrap it up in a plastic bag,

      seal it and label it with the date.

      You could bury it in your garden or hide it somewhere

      in your home.


      Play 'Snap'.


      Find out some facts about goats. 


      Wednesday 29th April






      Doubling is two of the same number added together.

      Eg: 1 + 1=2,  2 + 2 =4,  3 + 3 =6 etc..

      How far can you go?




      Do you remember the troll in Billy Goats Gruff?

      Draw your own troll and write some sentences to

      describe him.

      What is he wearing?

      What does he look like?

      What sort of troll is he?

      Mean? Fierce? Nasty? Hungry?




      Paint or draw a troll putting in lots of detail.


      Large, middle sized and small handprints.

      Ask everyone at home to make a handprint using

      paint. Label them and order in size from largest to

      smallest. You could make salt dough and press hands

      into it. When the dough is dry you could paint them

      and use them outside.


      Listen to 'Hall of the Mountain King' by Greig

      (it's all about Trolls).



      Thursday 30th April




       Finding Half


       Halving is the opposite of doubling.

       There are resources and worksheets on Twinkl.

       There are some great videos on YouTube and

       BBC Bitesize. https://youtu.be/80dY2WiXPw8

       Top Marks has some free doubling and halving games

       As well as numbers what else can you split in half?

       Practise counting 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's to 100 and


       Can you count in 10's starting from 2? 6? 9?




       Share the story about the Frog Prince.

       How does it begin? End?

       What happens in the story?

       What does the story teach us? What can we learn

       from the Princess' behaviour?

       What is your favourite plaything?

       Draw your favourite toy. Write sentences explaining

       what it is and why you like it.

       Can you extend a sentence by using the word





       Share a board game with someone at home.


       Print off a world map showing the 7 continents

       (Twinkl). Can you remember all 7?

       Find small picture of bridges, one from each

       continent. Cut them out and stick them on the

       correct continent.

       Can you find one for Antarctica? Why not?


       Play with the favourite toy you wrote about in



       Friday 1st May




       You will need to cut out some circles, triangles,

       cubes and cuboid shapes.

       Can you fold them in half? 

       Can you fold some shapes in half in different ways?

       Label each half with this sign: 1/2

       This sign means one whole split into two equal halves




       Practise all your phase 3 and 4 phonics sounds


       Practise reading  and spelling words from the KS1

       200 high frequency word list (reading diary or


       Can you read them all? Tick the ones you can sight

       read (that you don't need to sound out before


       Practise 5 new ones.

       If you can spell them all correctly choose 5 and put

       each word in a sentence of your own. Did you spell

       each high frequency word correctly?




       Sing along with the continent song.   



       Find a plant in your garden or outside that you know

       the name of. Look at it very very closely and draw

       it carefully. Remember: draw what you see not what

       you think you see!

       It is called an observational drawing.

       Label your drawing with the plant's name.


       Can you find out about the life cycle of a flowering

       plant? BBC Bitesize or Twinkl can help.


       Listen to 'Flowers In The Rain' by The Move.


       Listen to 'The Flower Duet' by Delibes