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Week 4: 27/04/20

Life in the Water


During this half term we are finding out about life in the water. Why is water so important? Why do animals need it? Have you found that we're using water much more at the moment? What do you use water for?



smiley Make a mind map with 'water' in the middle - write down all the things that you can think of for why water is so important.

smiley Find out facts about an animal that lives in the water. 

smiley Read riddles about animals, can you guess what the animal is? Animal riddle quiz

smiley Play the 'headbandz' game or make up your own version. One person asks everyone else questions to find out what animal they are e.g. Do I have 4 legs? Can I swim? Do I have gills? People can only answer 'yes' or 'no.'  

smiley Can you make up your own riddle for an animal that lives in the water?

Remember capital letters and full stops. Finish your riddle with 'What am I?'



 smileyWhite Rose Maths - a lesson a day along with activities. 

 smileyBBC Bitesize - daily lessons and tutorials. 

 smiley Go on a hunt around the house, gather 5 things. Order them from the shortest to the longest. Create experiments e.g. Which car can travel the furthest? Who is the tallest person in the house? Use any measuring equipment you have e.g. ruler, tape measure. 

smiley Here's a video all about length and height to help get you started - video

smiley Use a ruler and pencil to draw a picture of a house - can you measure the lines afterwards? Remember to always start from 0cm. 

smiley Play shop - raid the cupboards and set up your own shop at home with prices, real money, a till, a shopping bag etc. Take it in turns to buy items in the shop and work out how much money you need to pay. 




smiley Find out about the water cycle. 

smiley Can you make a weather station at your house? Each day record the temperature at different times and what the weather is like. You could even see how much rain water you can collect using a container. 

smiley Make a poster to tell others how we can reduce the amount of water we use. 

smiley Research the artist Claude Monet - find out some interesting facts, look at some of his art work. Here's some information and a fun video about him CLICK HERE

smiley Use google earth (download it). Where in the world do you think there is the most water? Can you ask people in your house or maybe Facetime a relative to ask them what they think.


Always make learning FUN, stay safe everyone!