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Week 4: 22/06/2020

Hello! We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and staying safe!

 Our Year one learning page will continue to mirror the activities we are completing in our bubble at school. Our topic is Kings and castles.


  •    With adult support collect a range of containers from around the house. Can you label them....full, empty, half full, almost full and nearly empty?
  • Can you draw 3 containers and make one full, one empty and one half full? Colour or use dried pasta or paper to cut and stick.
  • Choose 3 empty containers...eg a jug, a mug and a bucket. Use a small container such as an egg cup or yoghurt pot to count how many you would need to fill each container with water. Which holds the most? Least?
  • Follow the link to BBC bitesize and watch the video about capacity. Have a go at playing the capacity games.

           https://www.bbc.uk/bitesize/topics/zt9k7ty/articles/zp8c  rdm

   What is Capacity?

  • Listen and dance along to the supermovers song on BBC  Teach and learn more about capacity.




  •    We read the text Tell me a dragon by Jackie Morris. Try and find a storybook or online with dragons in it....Draw your own dragon and make a list of as many describing words/adjectives to describe him. Start with his colour and size.
  • Look at lots of different pictures of dragons. There is a powerpoint on Twinkl titled Here be dragons. Write some simple sentences using full stops and capital letters. Use an adjective in your sentence.


  • Choose a favourite dragon picture. Can you write some extended sentences using and/but?

      EG...       My dragon is fierce and breathes fire.

              My dragon can fly but is not very fast.

  • Similes. 

         A simile is likening something to something else.

         EG... A dragon is as big as a house.

                  It is as red as a cherry.

         Can you create some similes for your dragon?

  • Create a labelled map of Dragonland. Add geographical vocabulary such as forest, hill, mountains, volcano, rivers, seas etc.




  • Look at the painting Castle and Sun by Paul Klee. can you draw around some shapes to create your own work inspired by this painting? What can you find out about Paul Klee? We used A3 paper, wax crayons...and outlined our shapes with black felt tip to make them stand out.
  • We have been thinking about different activities and the time they take. make 3 lists....What can you do in a second? Eg blink.....in one minute.....tie your laces?....in one hour ?.....bake a cake etc....
  • Find out where these parts of a castle are and what they are for;








                  arrow loop

               Draw a castle and label these features.