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Week 3: 20/04/2020

       Hello!  Useful sites for maths are whiterose.com home      

     learning and BBC Bitesize. They have lots of helpful games

     and videos.


     Our new topic this half-term is 'Life In The Water'.

     REMEMBER...you don't have to do everything on every day.

    Choose the ones you want to do. Some days you might be

   helping at home.


     Monday 20th April




     You will need a 100 square. Practise counting to 100,

    pointing to each number as you say it.

    Can you count back from 100?

    Practise writing number words correctly to ten.

    Write them every day until you can spell them all.

    Can you write the number words to twenty?

    On your 100 square can you find or colour in 9, 13,

    25, 36, 48, 52, 676, 71, 80, 94, 100?

    Practise counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. 

    Use Jack Hartmann counting songs on You Tube.





    Write today's date in full.

    What did you do over the Easter Holiday?

    Write sentences beginning with a capital letter and

    ending with a full stop. Draw a picture.

    Can you extend the sentence using and

    eg: On Friday I played in the garden and tidied my


    Write an extended sentence.

    Share a book.




        Can you paint outside using water and a brush?


    Look at paintings by Claude Monet, who had a famous

    garden. Look at his paintings 'The Bridge in the Monet

    Garden' and his paintings of water lilies.

    Can you paint a picture like Claude Monet? - try using

    your fingers instead of a brush.

    What colours will you use?

    There are lots of great ideas for Monet-inspired art

    for KS1 on the internet.


     Tuesday 21st April




     Number Families


     Can you remember all the pairs of numbers that make


     10 + 0

       9 + 1

       8 + 2 etc..

      There are 11 pairs altogether.

      Now add the subtraction sums to complete the 


      Eg: 9 + 1 = 10

           1 + 9 = 10

          10 - 1 =  9

          10 - 9 =  1

      A number family is 2 addition and 2 subtraction

      number sentences using 3 numbers.

      Can you create number families for all the number

      pairs to 10?




      How many different kinds of boats are there in the

      World? Eg: steamer, yacht, canoe......

      Write a list and draw a picture of your favourite





      Share the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

      Can you build a bridge?


      Can you find out about the Water Cycle?


      With help from an adult, can you find ten small

      objects and see which ones float and which ones


      Make a prediction before you test them. What have

      you found out?


      Wednesday 22nd April




      How did you do with your number families?

      Keep practising!

      Can you create two addition number sentences and

      two subtraction number sentences using the following

      sets of numbers?

      6, 2, 4

      12, 7, 5

      15, 10, 5

      19, 13, 6

     Can you make up some of your own?




      Film Review


      Have you a favourite film?

      What was it called?

      Where did you watch it?

      Who did you watch it with?

      What sort of film was it?...an adventure film,

      super heroes, or maybe a musical?

      Who was your favourite character? Why?

      Can you answer using the word because.

      Eg: I liked__________because__________.

     What was your favourite part of the film?

      Can you write some sentences to answer the      

      questions above?

      Remember: capital letters for the beginnings of

      sentences and names of places and people.

      Full stops and finger spaces.

      Can you make some of your sentences extended using

      and or because?




      Have you been exercising daily? Find a different way

      you could exercise.

      Skipping? Running? Yoga?


      Go on a bug hunt.

      What insects and bugs can you find? Look under logs

      and stones. Be gentle! Always return them to where

      you found them.

      Draw your bug. Find out about it.


      Thursday 23rd April




      Can you remember these signs? 

      < less than

      > greater than

      8 < 10     18 > 3  

      Can you use these symbols and numbers within

      10...   20...   50...   100... to make number

      sentences of your own?

      Eg:  17 < 20     20 > 5

      Practise counting forward and back in ones, twos,

      fives and tens.




      How many different words to do with water can you

      think of?

      Eg: stream, wet, trickle, drip, waterfall.... keep


      Make a big poster of water words. You could write in

      blue and green felt tips.

      How many can you think of?

      Can your family think of any to add?

      Remember to use your phonics knowledge to spell out

      new and unfamiliar words.




      Cut out some raindrop shapes in paper or card.

      Decorate one side and write a water word on the

      other side. Can you join them using some string and

      make bunting or a mobile?


      Splatter painting


      Piece of paper - as big as you can!

​​​​​​​      Load your brush with paint and hold the brush over

      the paper.

      Tap the brush with a finger from your other hand.

      Move the brush over the paper. Keep tapping!

      Choose colours of water - greys, greens and blues.

      You can find some sounds of rain to listen to on You

      Tube whilst you paint.


      Listen to 'The Swan' by Saints Saens.


      Friday 24th April




      3D Shape Hunt


      What is a 2D shape? A 3D shape?

      Have a look around your house, garden or on a walk

      for these shapes:





      How many can you find?

      Draw some and label using the correct spellings!




      Can you find a story or poem to share about a duck?

      Can you read it aloud...to a family member...on the


      Using phonicsplay.co.uk revise and practise all of

      your phase 3 and phase 4 sounds. Play some games.

      Use your 100 high frequency word mats in your

      reading diary - or find one on Twinkl.

      Can you read all of these?

      Can you spell all of these correctly?

      Practise reading and spelling 5 new ones.

      If you can read and spell them all WOW! Choose 5

      and write 5 sentences using a word in each.




      Learn how to play Hopscotch.


      Have you planted any seeds yet?


      Chalk (or print out) some of your phonics digraphs

      outside. Ask someone to say one and splat it with a

      water pistol, or jump on it, or point to it.

      Here are some to get started: ai, ee, igh, oa, oo,

      lp, lk, tr, spr, scr. Choose different sounds to 

      change the game!

      Play this with a friend. Who's the fastest?


      Can you name any of the trees or plants in your

      garden or on your walk?


      Listen to, and sing along with, these Beatles songs:    

     'Yellow Submarine' and 'In an Octopus's Garden'.