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Week 3: 20/04/20


broken heart Spring has Sprung heart



smiley Make a mind map of words for 'Spring.' Can you think of any rhyming words e.g. sun and fun, flower and hour, plants and ants. Use these words to write a Spring poem.

smiley Read the story Jack and the Beanstalk  - click here!

Then act out the story. Can you use different voices for the different characters?

Try these activities - click here

smiley Grow your own beans - this is a great video showing an easy way you can grow your own beans. Make observations every day and write them in a Bean Diary. 

smiley Thursday 23rd April is St George's Day. Find out all about it.

Information to read. Acvitivies to do. 

smiley Have you heard about Captain Tom Moore? He has helped to raise a lot of money for the NHS by doing something wonderful. Can you find out about him? Who is he? How old is he? What did he do to raise money? How much did he raise?

He has a special Birthday on 30th April if anyone would like to make him a Birthday card. This is his address.




smiley White Rose Maths - a lesson a day along with activities. 

smiley BBC Bitesize - daily lessons and tutorials. 

smiley Do you need activities to help with Fractions? - click here!

smiley Continue to count in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s, whilst out walking or doing jobs around the house. This is a fun video with a very catchy song - Count in 3s

smiley Record multiplication and division number sentences 2 x 3 = 6, 6 ÷ 3 = 2.

Try doing this practically with objects e.g. What's half of 16? 



smiley Create a rainmaker for 'April Showers' How to...

smiley Cut out flower shapes from cardboard and use them to print with. 

smiley With brown paint, paint a branch on paper. Use the bottom of a fizzy drink bottle and pink paint as a stamp to make blossom prints along the branch. 

smiley Observational drawings of daffodils. 

smiley BBC Bitesize have just launched 'daily lessons' access them here. BBC Bitesize link. 

smiley Rainbow I-Spy - paint, draw or colour flowers to stick in your window. You could chalk flowers on or near your doorstep too.