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Week 3: 15/06/2020

Hello! We hope you are all continuing to be safe and well. 

Here is this weeks tasks for Literacy, Numeracy and a creative section too. Remember you can choose one, two....or as many tasks as you like. You can send pictures to your class teacher using the emails provided earlier.


  •     Practise counting in ones, twos, fives and tens.

    Print off a 100 square. Choose a number in each row     and colour it in.

    Say the number. What number is one     more/less? 10


  • On a 100 square colour the following numbers

    7, 13, 21, 36, 44, 58, 61, 75, 89,92.

     Write a +1 addition sentence for each number.


      Write a -1 subtraction number sentence for each   number.

     Write a +10 addition sentence and a -10 subtraction     sentence for each number.

  • How many 2d shapes can you find in your house? Look for rectangles,  squares, circles and triangles. Write four lists , one     for each shape of how many you find. Which is the most/ least popular shape? I wonder why that is?
  • Can you remember all our coins? What is their value?   How many are there? Can you make 10p in different ways using some of these coins? Which will you choose? Watch BBc bitesize counting money - making 10p or BBC bitesize coin combinations that make 10p.
  • Practise making 10 or making 20 using number pairs. Can you remember them all?





  • It is our Queen's official birthday this month. Find out some facts and write them into sentences. Remember to start your sentences with a capital letter and end in a full stop.
  • Can you find the recipe for the Queens scones? There is a good one on goodhousekeeping.com. Read the recipe. Could you have a go? Draw and label what you need to make them. Remember the utensils too. Bake! 
  • News. Draw a picture and write sentences about what you have been doing over the last week.
  • Practise reading and spelling your 200 high frequency words You should know lots more now!
  • Watch alphablocks phase 5 on youtube. Find the one for aw au. can you write a list of words with the sound? Remember or from phase 3 too.



  • Paint a portrait of the Queen. Perhaps you could send it to her!
  • Design a birthday tea menu for the Queen.
  • It is usually Wimbledon in June. Play a game of Tennis, Badminton or Table tennis with a member of your bubble.
  • Choose 3 objects and arrange them on a table. You could use fruit, vegetables, shells....anything you like. Can you draw them very carefully using just a pencil?
  • Can you write your name in pebbles or shells? Take a photo and send it to your class teacher.