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Week 3: 15/06/2020

This week we are thinking about Knights.


  • This week we are focusing on the letters v, w and x.  Can you work on the letter formation?
  • Can you take a look at this PowerPoint about knights and try to learn some of the name of the different parts of the knight's armour.
  •  Can you draw a picture of a knight and label some of the parts of the armour?


  • The word knight contains the trigraph 'igh'.  Can you write a list of words that contain the 'igh' trigraph?


  • Can you read this story about a knight?



This week we are thinking about doubling and halving.

  • Can you explore doubling using objects.  Gather some objects like cars, shells, stones etc.  Count out a number of objects up to 10, the double it.  How many do you have altogether?
  • Can you find a set of dominoes in you house?  Can you find the doubles?  What number do the doubles go up to?
  • Can you play this doubling game on ICTgames?


  • Can you make a healthy snack like a bowl of grapes/strawberries?  Can you share your snack into two equal piles?
  • Can you play this game sharing sheep between the pens?




  • Can you make a Father's day card for your dad?  Can you write a nice message inside to let him know what a great dad he is?
  • Can you make a knight and use tinfoil for his armour?

  • What about making a knight's sword using cardboard and shiny paper (sweet wrappers).

  • What about using cardboard to make a shield.  Can you make both sides of the sword symmetrical?
  • Don't forget how important it is to keep washing your hands.  Why not try and learn the Super Soap song and then maybe you could make your own Super Soap character using any empty had or dish soap bottle?