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Week 2: 13/04/2020

  Monday 13th April




     Counting in 5's

   Using a 100 square colour in the 5's pattern. You can

   download one from Twinkl.

   Draw around your hand and label 5.

   You have 5 fingers.

   How many hands can you draw around?

   If you draw around two, you will have ten fingers...

   How many fingers if you draw around three hands,    


   ..six...ten hands?

   Cut them out. Stick onto a large piece of paper.

   You have made a counting in 5's poster!

   Write out the 5's pattern. 5, 10, 15... How far can

   you go?




    Share a book today.

    Practise writing your full name neatly - remember

    Capital letters to start each name.

    Practise writing all your lower case letters and their


    Look at our websites to help with letter formation.




    Draw a big pond.

    Draw and decorate five fish. Cut out and stick them on

    your pond. 

    What other animals might live in your pond?


  Tuesday 14th April



   Counting in 10's

     You will need some bricks, pasta shapes, buttons,

     counters or pennies.

     Can you put them into groups of 10?

     How many objects do you have altogether?

     Count in 10's from zero to 100.

     Can you count backwards from 100 in 10's?


     Find a 10p. What colour and size is it?

     Can you count forwards and backwards from 30...50.


     Can you count in 10's from different single numbers?

     Eg: 2 or 7

     You may need a 100 square to help you.


     Literacy  /   Science


    Write a list and draw pictures of all the animals -

      mammals, reptiles or amphibians that live in water all

      of the time or some of the time.

      Can you remember what a mammal is? Write a      

      sentence to explain.

      Can you remember what an amphibian is?

      Write a sentence to explain.



      Can you draw a frog? There are some useful clips on

      You Tube, or you can find one to colour in.

      Have a look at all the different frogs there are in

      the world.

      Which is your favourite? Why?


           Listen to 'Reflets d'en L'eau' by Debussy

      'Hold Back the River' James Bay and

      'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by Simon & Garfunkel


       Wednesday 15th April



       Number pairs to make 10

       You should know all of these.

       Start with 10 + 0 = 10

                     9 + 1 = 10

       Complete the pattern.

       Can you think of another way to write down all

       eleven number sentences?

       (clue: total first ! 10 = _ + _ )

       Ask someone to say a number 10 or less. Can you

       reply with the number that makes 10?

       eg: Question: '3'. Answer: '7'


       Literacy / Science

       Have you seen any frog spawn?

       Find out about the frog life-cycle.

       Can you create a labelled life-cycle diagram?

       Use a website such as Twinkl or BBC Bitesize.

       Why is it called a life cycle?

       Can you think of other cycles?




       Yoghurt Pot Frog (Twinkl). There are lots of frog

       crafts on Twinkl.

       Mixing green paint.

       Which two colours make green? (yellow and blue)

       How can you make it lighter? Darker?

       Can you paint a colour chart using all the different

       shades of green you can mix?


       Listen to 'The Frog Chorus' by Paul Mc Cartney


       Thursday 16th April




       Practise counting in ones. How far can you go?

       Practise counting all the way to 50...60...70..100

       Can you count back from 20? 30? 50? 100?

       Number cards 0 - 10. Shuffle.

       Practise number pairs that make 10.. include 0.

       Turn a card over - you say which number added to

       the number on the card to make 10.

       Practise counting in 2's. How far can you go?

       Can you count back in 2's from 20?

       Count in 5's... how far can you go?

       To 100? And back?

       Count in 10's...from 10 to 100...and back.

       Can you count in 10's from 3 to 93...?

       From 6 to 96...? You could use 100 square to help


       Check out the counting songs with Jack Hartmann

       on You Tube.



       Do you have a pet goldfish?

       Can you write a list of what you would need to buy 

       if you had one?

       Find out about caring for a goldfish and write about



       Can you write sequenced instructions on how to

       clean out a goldfish tank?

       Look at the painting 'The Goldfish' by Henri 

       Matisse (1912). Draw your fish in a tank and give

       it a name.



       Do you have a fishing game at home? Perhaps you

       could play it?

       Fish racing game.

       All the family make a paper fish. You could decorate

       one or cut the shape out of a magazine or        


       Have a start and a finish line on the floor or a

       table. You have to 'race' your fish by blowing it 


       On your marks...get set...GO!

       Who won?


       Listen to 'The Aquarium' from 'Carnival of the 

       Animals' by Saints-Saen.

       Watch the movie 'Finding Nemo'


       Friday 17th April




       Can you find any coins at home?

       What are they? What size are they? What shape

       and colour are they? What is their value?

       You can print some coins from Twinkl.

       Can you put them in order of value?

       Draw and label.

       1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2

       How many 1p's would you swap for a 2p coin,

       a 10p coin, a 50p or £1?


       Literacy / History

       Look at the dates on a real coin (an old coin or a

       modern one.

       Find three pieces of news about that date.

       Who was the Prime Minister?

       Who was the King or Queen?

       Write the news in sentences. Remember Capitals,

       full stops and finger spaces between words.



       Design a coin. What information would need to be

       on it? (Draw around a small plate).

       Set up a shop - don't forget price tags.

       What sort of shop will you have?

       Could you make things to sell in your shop?...

       A painting?..a book?...a toy?...cakes?

       Play the toy shop money game on Top Marks



       Listen to...    

       'Money, Money, Money' by Abba

       'Money' by Pink Floyd