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Week 2: 08/06/2020

  Hello! From this week the learning pages   will mirror the activities we are   completing in school.It means there are   some activities which may be repeated.   Please continue to utilise previous   weeks  learning. Stay safe!



   See last week.

   Telling the time. O clocks and half              pasts. 

   For day to day activities see last week.

   Practise spelling number words to  


   Where are the clocks in your house? 

   What are they needed for?

   Who uses them?

    Are they digital or analogue?



   News. What have you been doing at           home? Write sentences and draw a


   Practice writing your full name.

   Practice writing and spelling days of         the week and months of the year.


   Make bunting. Decorate it with pictures

   of your family and friends.

   Safety poster with advice to keep us         safe.

   Draw and write about your five 

   favourite things.