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Week 2: 08/06/2020

This week we are thinking about Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses.



  • Can you brainstorm or make a list of royalty?  Which members of the Royal Family can you name?
  • The word 'king' has the 'ng' ending.  Can you write some more words that have the 'ng' ending?
  • Can you listen to this story about the Frog Prince?


  • Can you draw a prince or princess?  Write their name and a sentence to describe them?
  • Can you read this poem about a queen?  Highlight or copy out the tricky words.


Maths:  This week we are thinking about counting to 20.

  • Can you remember the number rhymes we learnt?  Have a look at the posters and practice your number formation?
  • Practice counting to 20.  Play the I count, you count game with someone.
  • Can you find 20 objects and count them?  Use lego bricks, shells, pasta.
  • Can you make a number line from 0-20?  Make sure all of your numbers are formed correctly and in the right order!
  • Can you print off and complete this matching activity?



  • Can you make yourself a crown?  Use whatever materials you have at home.

  • Can you make a shape prince or princess.  If you have beads, jewels, sequins can you decorate it?

  • How about making a Frog Prince with a rolled up tongue?


  • Can you use some lolly sticks or straws to make some Prince and Princess puppets?  Use them to put on a show for your family! 


  • What about make a Prince's sword or a Princess wand?