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Week 2: 08/06/20

Queens and Castles




smiley To learn how to read and spell topic words related to castles e.g. king, queen, palace, castle, drawbridge, dungeon, moat etc. 



Use these flash cards to help

smiley To find out about all the different parts of a castle, you could make a little fact book with headings, labels and pictures. 

Find out about the different parts of a castle

smiley To find out about Queen Elizabeth II. Facetime family members and ask them questions. Use some information on the internet with help from Mum or Dad.

Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

smiley Read stories and information books about queens. 


smiley Write a letter to the queen. Ask her how she is coping during the pandemic. Tell her all about what you have been doing.


Post to:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA 




smiley White Rose Maths home learning page - Access here

smiley BBC bitesize daily maths lessons - Access here


smiley To sketch, draw or paint a picture of a castle/palace.

smiley Have a go at making your own musical instruments. This website should help.

smiley Find out about forces. How can you twist, turn, pull and push - See here

smiley Make a catapult (you might need help from an adult and please use them safely!)








smiley Which was the best catapult and why? Could you use more force to make the ammunition travel further? Which ammunition would travel the furthest and why?

Can you write a set of instructions or explain to someone how they could make a catapult like yours?


Happy learning everyone! 

Please remember to send us e-mails of your home learning.