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Week 1: 06/04/2020

Week 1:  06/04/2020



  • Revise Phase 2 tricky words - I, to, no, go, the, into.  Write them on pieces of paper and use them as flash cards, put them on the ground and jump on the one called out, use foam letters in the bath, alphabet spaghetti or letter fridge magnets to make them.
  • As it is nearly Easter, the word Easter starts with the letter 'e', can you make a list of other things that start with the letter 'e'?
  • Read/share a story about a rabbit, chick or lamb.
  • Design an Easter card and write the insert.



  • Work on number formation for the numbers from 0-4.
  • Count how many Easter Eggs the Easter Bunny delivers to your house.
  • Play a board game using a dice.
  • Watch an episode of 'Numberjacks' on 'Youtube'.



  • Decorate a boiled egg with and Easter design.
  • Make Easter treats (Easter nest cakes, biscuits, Easter buns).
  • Make a 2D shape chick using circles and triangles or a bunny face using a paper plate.
  • Draw a plant, tree or flower that you can see from you window.