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Week 1: 06/04/2020

Monday 6th April



  •   Here's something to try at home.

      Go on a shape hunt around your house or garden.

  •   How many different shapes can you find?
  •   Look for:
  •   circles 
  •   oblongs or rectangles
  •   squares
  •   triangles
  •   Can you spot any different ones?
  •   Do you know their names?
  •   Draw and label them.





           Write a postcard or letter to a friend, relative or 


      Tell them what you are doing and how you are feeling.

      Draw them a picture. 

      Perhaps you could send it to school?

      Don't forget your capital letters for names, places and

      beginnings of sentences!

      Don't forget full stops and finger spaces between words!


      Use your phonics knowledge to try to spell words 






    Plant a seed. 

      If you don't have any seeds at home...perhaps you           could

      save a pip from an apple or pear...or a seed from a

      tomato or cucumber?


      Decorate a plant pot with paint or stickers


      Make an Easter egg garland. 

      Cut out some egg shapes from paper or card.

      Decorate both sides.

      Thread onto wool or string - or just stick them together

      side by side.

Pe.   Perhaps everyone in your house could make some?

      How long can you make it?

      Could you add a new one every day?


Tuesday 7th April



     You may just want to go for a walk today

   or...you could choose one, two, or all of the following:




      You may choose to use whiterosemaths.com, home

    learning - year 1 


    Practise your counting in ones...

    How far can you go?

    Practise counting forwards and backwards

    Can you draw out a number line beginning at zero?

    How far can you go?

    Perhaps if you have chalk you could draw one in your


    Count around your house.

    How many stairs? How many chairs?

    Print out a number square or cards from one of our

    listed websites to help you. 

    Ask someone to choose a number up to 50.

    Can you say what is one more and one less

    than that number?

    Can you say number that is greater than or less than?

    Can you do one job today to help at home?




        Book Review


      Which is your favourite book that you have read 

     at home?

     Write down the title.

     Write down the name of the author and the name of

     the illustrator.

     Why do you like it?

     Can you use the word because in your sentence?

     Draw a picture and write some sentences about the

     book and why you like it.




     Through a window


     Look out of a window. What can you see?

     Can you draw or paint it?

     What can you see far away?...where the sky meets

     the land - that is called the horizon.

     What can you see close by? In the sky?

     Put everything you can see through the window into

     your picture.


     Look for pictures or paintings titled 'Through a 

     Window'. There are lots to look at.

     Which is your favourite?

     Who is the artist?

     Why do you like it?

     Perhaps you could print it out and put it up in your



     Listen to 'Here Comes The Sun' by the Beatles.

     'Falling from the Sky' by Calixico

Wednesday 8th April




       You just might want to share a book today or you may        

   want to try one, two or all of these?






    Can you find five things from...

    Your bedroom?  Your kitchen?  

    The garden or outdoors?

    Can you arrange them left to right in size order from

    smallest to largest?

    Can you draw and label them?

    Complete the sentences below:

    _______________is the largest.

       _______________is the smallest.

    ____________is larger than the__________.

    ____________is smaller than the_________.

    Can you find two things that are equal size?






    Can you find a simple Spring poem on the internet or

    in a book?

    Practise reading it aloud.

    Can you copy it in your best handwriting?

    Decorate around the edges of the paper making a


    Perhaps you could perform it for your family...

    or to family over the phone.






    Have you made an Easter card yet?

    Fold a piece of card or paper in half. Finger paint in

    yellow or orange all over the front.

    Add two stick legs, two dot eyes and a beak in black

    felt tip.

    Write 'Happy Easter!' inside.

    Who could you give it to?


    Listen to Vivaldi 'The Four Seasons: Spring'

     Thursday 9th April




        You may want to help in the house today or...




    Counting in twos


    Can you count in twos to twenty and back?

    Can you draw out a number line (or print out) to


    Use it to practise counting to twenty in 

    ones and twos and back.

    Have you got some bricks, counters, teddies - can you

    count them in twos?

    Can you find a 2p coin?

    Can you count all your pairs of socks? How many pairs

   of socks? How many socks altogether?

    How many matching pairs of things can you find

    in your house? Eg: eyes, pants, ears, candlesticks 

    How many addition or subtraction number sentences

    can you write down using single digits with a total of 


    Can you add 2 to a single digit number? Write down as

    many number sentences as you can.

    What's the biggest number you know with a 2 in it?

    Can you take away 2 from numbers within 20?

    Practise writing 2 as a numeral and the number word


    Can you think of two kind things to say today?




    The story of Noah and his ark


    Can you find this story?

    Who was Noah?

    What did he build?


    What did he put in his ark?

    Write a list of the animals you would put in the ark.

    Which is your favourite animal?

    What else would Noah need to put in the ark for 

    everyone to survive?

    Can you find out about an endangered animal that 

    needs to be on the ark?

    Draw a picture and write some sentences about an

    endangered animal.




    Find pictures of different boats.

    Can you draw or paint one?




    Paint the sea or a lake. Cut out different pictures of 

    boats and stick them on your water.


    Look at the painting 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'

    by Hokusai.

    Do you like it?

    What can you see?

    Which colours did he use?

    What is happening in the picture?

    Can you draw a copy of it?


    What sports are played in water?

    Find out how to play Pooh Sticks.

    Listen to:'Sitting On The Dock of the Bay' by

    Otis Redding.

Friday 10th April




     You may just feel like counting today or...




     All about 8


     Practise writing the number eight correctly in 

     numerals and the word eight.

     Can you count to eight and back in ones and twos?

     How many addition and subtraction number sentences

     using single digits can you think of and write down        

     with the total 8?

     Can you build a tower with 8 toy bricks?

     Can you draw a number line to 8 outside in chalk?

     Can you hop, jump, clap 8 times?






     Can you find up to eight facts about Easter? (Use our 

     listed websites)

     Write each fact as a sentence.

     Use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces between


     Do your sentences make sense?




     Can you draw eight different plants growing inside or

     outside your house?

     What are they called?


     Find a portrait of Henry the Eighth.

     Who was he?

     Can you draw a picture of him?


     Listen and dance to some music from the 1980's.

     Get your family to join in !

     Listen to the soundtrack of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'

     by Andrew Lloyd Webber.