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Week 1: 01/06/2020

For our last half term our new topic will be; Kings, Queens, Castles, Knights, Princesses and Dragons!


  • This week we are finding out about castles.  Have a look at this PowerPoint and see what you can learn about castles.
  • Can you write 5 facts about castles from the information on the PowerPoint above?
  • Can you draw a picture of a castle and write a sentence about it?
  • There are lots of traditional tales about castles, watch this story about Sleeping Beauty.


  • Who loves making castles out of sand?  I do!  Read this poem about sandcastles and copy out the tricky words you find.


Maths;  This week we are thinking about subtraction - taking away.

  • Play I count, you count game with someone.  Practise counting from different starting points.  Begin by pointing to yourself and start counting back from 10 then point to the other person and they have to continue to count back.  Keep swapping between people and start at different numbers.
  • Play 'show me' game with someone.  Hold up a certain number of fingers and ask the other person to show you, for example, two less/fewer.  How many now?  How did you find the answer?
  • Sing the 10 green bottles song.
  • Gather a group of 10 objects, stones, shells, dried pasta etc and practice taking some away and then counting how many are left.
  • Play this subtraction game on the TopMarks website.




  • How about learning a new song about a princess?  Try this one!


  • Make your own castle using junk model materials.  cardboard boxes and toilet/kitchen roll tubes would be ideal.


  • Choose 3 paint colours (spooky  - black, grey and dark blue, or sunset -  orange, pink and yellow) to create a ‘wash’ background for a castle collage.  Water the paint down before using.
  • When your background is dry make a collage castle to stick onto your background.  


  • Can you build a castle using blocks, Duplo or Lego?  Take a photograph of your model and e-mail it to your teacher!