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Week 1: 01/06/2020


  Monday 1st June






   You can access a teaching clock on top marks.co.uk


   You can make a clock using an interactive clockface

   template from twinkle.co.uk


   Where does the minute (longhand) go for an o'clock?

   What does the hour (shorthand) tell us?

   How many minutes in one hour?

   How many seconds in a minute?

   How many hours in a day?

   Can you draw a clock face? 

   Draw around a circle, put in the 12.  6.  3.  9

   Fill in the other numbers.

   Complete some o'clock times on the faces.




    Hot Weather News


   What have you been doing in this sunny weather?

   Write some sentences and draw a picture.




   Make some ice lollies.


   Draw a map of your latest walk.




   What pictures can you see? Draw the different cloud



   Tuesday 2nd June








    Practise half-pasts. 

    Where will the minute (longhand) point?

    Where will you put the hour hand (shorthand)?

    Remember it should point just past the number.

    Practise drawing some clock faces, drawing the hands

    in the correct places to show half-pasts.




    How are you doing with your high-frequency words?

    How many can you read? Write?

    Write some sentences using these high-frequency





    Outdoor Symphony


    Turn off indoor sounds, open the window, close your

    eyes and listen carefully.

    What can you hear? Birds? Can you re-create the


    What would the sounds look like if they were written

    down? Or drew them?


    Write about (or draw) the nature you can see through

    your window.


    Play 'I Spy through the window'


    Go into your garden or a park. Gather some materials

    that you think will help you to make a face!

    Eg: leaves, twigs, grass. Take a photo and send it to

    your teacher.


    Wednesday 3rd June




    Draw out 8 clock faces. Draw the hands on the clocks

    to show these times:

    7.00.      10.00.     5.00.    12.00.   6.30.   9.30

    3.30.       8.30

    These times are written as they would look on a 

    digital clock.

    Make sure the minute hand touches the twelve or the 

    six. Make sure the hour hand points to the hour

    (o'clocks) or just past the hour (half pasts).




    What is social distancing? Why do we do it? What 

    does it mean? Talk about it.

    Why is it important to wash our hands often?

    Can you make a safety poster?




    Maths Nature Hunt


    Can you find natural objects that represent a number?


    Using natural objects (eg: stones, twigs or leaves) can

    you make different 2D shapes? Circles? Squares?

    Triangles? Can you make a Pentagon?


    Using different natural materials can you create your

    own repeating pattern?

    What would come next in your sequence?

    What would the tenth object be?


    Thursday 4th June




     What can you do in one minute?

     Ask someone to time you. 

     How many claps? Jumps? Star jumps? Cartwheels?

     How many times can you write your name in a minute?

     How many words can you read in a minute?

     Can you think of different things to do in one minute?




    Our new topic this half-term is 'Kings and Castles'

     Create a mind-map showing everything you already

     know. To do this write the word 'Castles' in a bubble

     in the middle of a sheet of paper and write what you

     already know around the bubble.


     Practise writing questions. What would you like to find 

     out about Kings and Castles?

     Use each of these words in a different question:

     Who? What? When? Where? Which? Why? How?

     Don't forget question sentences end in a question 

     mark, not a fullstop.




     Watch mini music makers episode 4 on You Tube


     Have you got a tape measure or ruler?

     Go around your house and find six things to measure

     in centimetres or metres. Draw them and label them 

     with your measurement. Use the abbreviation cos or



     shadow drawing


     Have you got some toy model animals?

     Put them on a piece of paper where the sun casts the

     shadow of the animal onto the paper. Draw around the

     outline of the shadow.


     Friday 5th June




     Draw some clock faces. Using o'clocks and half-pasts

     show some important times in your day.

     What time do you get up?

     What time do you have breakfast or lunch or tea?

     What time do you start school?

     What time do you go to bed?




     How many Stories or films do you know with castles in


     How many stories do you know with kings or queens in


     Write down the titles. Share one of these stories

     with someone at home.

     Can you read some of it, or all of it?

    Practise reading it aloud.




     Play a board game chosen by a family member.


     Lego Printing


    Using a Lego brick to print by dipping it into paint,

     can you create a castle?


     Find out something new about castles.