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Week 1: 01/06/20

Kings and Castles



smiley Write down all the things you already know about castles. Then, write questions you'd like to find out. This can be done as a list or as a brainstorm. You can use the laptop or paper and pens. 

smiley Find out about how castles began, read some information with an adult and watch different videos, stopping to ask and answer questions - The Beginning of Castles

smiley Research castles in Britain; Where are they? When were they built? Who lived there? Are they still there today?

Differentiated comprehension sheets. 3 to choose from

smiley Read lots of Castle books - fiction and non-fiction

Here's a story you can download and read with your family Knights and Dragons, Unite! eBook

smiley Go on a dragon hunt. Where might they like to hide?

smiley Act out Kings and Castles stories. Who will be the King or Queen? Who will be the noblemen and who will be the servant? You might like to have a go at dressing up! This video might help. What was life like?

smiley Use phonics play to practice all phonemes - try to do this for 5 minutes every day.




smiley White rose home learning - multiplication and division

smiley BBC Daily lessons and activities - Multiplying by 10

smiley BBC Daily lessons and activities - Multiplying by 5

smiley BBC Daily lessons and activities - Multiplying by 2

smiley Practically count forwards and backwards in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s - Group objects to help with counting. 

smiley Sharing as division - this can be done with anything inside or outside - sweets, coins, stones, sticks. Use word problems such as; I have 12 coins, I share them between 3 teddies, how many do they get each?


Try counting by jumping along a number line


smiley Design your own castle - look at photographs of different castles and then draw your own. Label with the different parts e.g. tower, turrets, drawbridge, moat, battlements etc.


smiley Use junk modelling to build your own castle. Use cardboard boxes, kitchen roll tubes, yogurt pots, egg boxes, paper, felt tips, paints. 

smiley Find out about the artist Paul Klee.

smiley Paul Klee created a beautiful painting called Castle and Sun. Here's a video to show you how you could make a piece of art work like his

Castle and Sun


smiley Go on a 2D shape hunt, inside and outside. Can you name and photograph all the shapes you see? Ask your mum or dad to quiz you on the shapes, can you name them and describe them?