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Visions and Values

School Vision Statement for 2022-23


“The whole school community commits to achieving better pupil outcomes by consistently improving the quality of education for all our pupils.”


The School’s Ethos and Values


· This is an inclusive school with a committed and dedicated community of people: children, parents, governors, friends of the school and staff are inspired by teaching and learning.

· Individuals are energetic, responsible, caring and committed to achieving extraordinary results through an ambitious and varied curriculum.

· Within a safe, secure and nurturing environment, the school community celebrates diversity and changes are embraced in order to prepare the children for the future.

· Special events, topics and rewards characterise life at this school.

· All age groups make connections with one another through the work they do, the problems they solve and the experiences, strengths and hopes they share.

· In classrooms, the integration of current technology extends learning, underpins every area of the curriculum and promotes opportunities for research.

· The outdoor environment boosts stimulating opportunities for all children to engage in purposeful activities that encourage social and physical growth.

· We encourage children ‘to be the best that they can be.'