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Robert's Bakery visit ; 2014-2015

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Roberts bakers today. We got to make our own mini bread loaves. We were just like real bakers and had to wear special aprons and hats although Caleb thought the hats made us look a bit silly!

We had to add salt, sugar and butter to the ingredients and give it a shake. The next bit was really fun although very messy. We had to add water and give it a mix with our hands. We got really messy especially Heaven and Oliver! We then had to stretch the dough and roll it into a ball. This bit was hard work but Dylan made it look easy! Definitely a baker in the making!

The bakers then put our bread into the baking tins and left them for 20 minutes to rise. The dough was then put into the oven and cooked until it become gorgeous fluffy bread. The bakers were very impressed with our bread making skills and even offered Jack a job!


Thank you so much to Roberts bakery for this wonderful experience, the children really loved it!