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Meet our Governors

If you would like to contact any of our Governors please email the school at info@hadfield-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will pass on your correspondence.




The year 2020-21 was a very difficult year for all schools. Due to the lockdowns and many restrictions a number of our meetings were held virtually but all governors were able to participate. Some individual governors were able to make visits during the school day and this allowed the completion of the SFVS, HTPM, Pupil Voice and S175 Audit. Two working groups were established to look at a Covid Recovery Plan and the Health and Welfare of staff. Minutes and documents from all these committees-Full Governing Body-FGB, Resource Management Committee-RSC and Teaching and Learning and Community Links Committee-TLC are available to show these developments. Some governors were able to access training on line as indicated in the SDP 2020-21.

 Kath Holtom-LA Governor (Chair)


*Vacancy due to resignation of Peter Jarvis (Co-opted) September 21st 2020 attendances 3/4.


Miss A Barnes –Headteacher and Governor-attended all meetings 20-21