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Meet our Governors

If you would like to contact any of our Governors please email the school at info@hadfield-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will pass on your correspondence.





Our school year 2021-22 was one of readjustment as we sought to return to normality after the impact of the pandemic. Miss Barnes and her whole staff team deserve congratulations on ensuring the recovery process was effective.

Governors were pleased to receive very positive feedback from parents and to speak to children from each of the three year groups .They were very obviously enjoying their learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom in such a happy, safe environment at Hadfield Infants School.

It will take some time before the different parts of our country recover from the impact of Covid and other issues which are dominating our news.

Our equality objectives of 2022-2023take these into consideration as our school seeks to support our children’s education and the well-being of our families.




1. To create a mind-set throughout the school that attending and being on time for school is a means for every child to make progress.

2. To monitor and analyse pupil achievement data that requires certain pupils to receive additional help and support.

3. To explore ways in which the school can help and support children and their families impacted by the cost of living crisis.


K Holtom - Chair of Governors


Miss A Barnes –Headteacher and Governor-attended all meetings 21-22


NB Governors have also attended meeting linked to working groups and meetings with relevant staff.