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Lucy Gould - Parent Governor

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I am Lucy Gould, parent governor and mum to two boys in school.  I am keen to be part of their education and feel that ‘giving back’ to school, by filling a role as a govenor is an ideal way to support school to ‘be the best they can be’. I am also proud to show our appreciation as a family for the fantastic work school puts into our boys and the vital role they play in their lives.

I am employed by the NHS as an Ortheptist (eye’s) and I feel this gives me an excellent skills set to bring to the governing body.  I work closely with special educational needs, school nurses and social services.  I am trained in child protection, safeguarding and confidentiality.

I have studied child development, but also have skills and experience in research, processing data, renewing policies and have undertaken service reviews to ensure quality is delivered.

I sincerely hope I can deliver as a governor and do my best to represent the parents of the school.

Governor Details


Date of Appointment - 10.02.2014

Term of office - 4 years

Appointed by - Parents

Relevant business and pecuniary interests - None

Attendance record (last 12 months) - Full Governors 5/5

                                                           Resource and Management N/A

                                                           Teaching and Learning 3/3